This is the kind of book that stays with you long after you finished reading it. There was a part (I won’t spoil it) that was so outright hilarious that I literally spilled my evening glass of wine from laughing so hard. The beauty of this book is that, while it’s written with humor throughout, the writer takes on multiple social subjects that should concern us all.  Beyond the colorful cast of characters, what is staying with me most is how brave of a book it is.    

AMAZON  8/1/2016 "Samuel "

This book is an inspiring and must read for everyone. A true love story of life experiences and heartbreak. It is happy..sad...encouraging...and powerful. Charles' commitment to his life is portrayed exceptionally well. I couldn't put it down once I started reading. I definitely will share it with others. Great message - whatever hand you've been dealt it doesn't matter it's how you play it out.     AMAZON 7/19/2016 "Karen"


Amazon -- 5 of 5 Stars