Amazon 5 Stars
Goodreads 4.3 Stars
Manhattan Book Review 4.5 Stars
San Francisco Review 5 Stars
Seattle Book and Poetry Review 5 Stars

"It is through visits from his biological father and the stories he told of surviving Nazi death camps that Charles learns to become a survivor himself, and, though his life often seems to spiral dangerously close to out of control, this is really a story of survival and redemption.

Thomas Chimera has written an interesting book, one that is truly unique. The writing is good and solid. The characters are certainly fascinating and well-drawn, and the times and places where the story takes place are palpably real. The stream-of-consciousness style Chimera chooses has a sense of urgency and immediacy to it, and the book is very compelling. It reads like a quirky memoir but is, in fact, a well-crafted novel."

Reviewed By: Rosi Hollinbeck    -  Manhattan Book Review

Star Count  4.5/5